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Your one stop shop for free original comedy web videos. The funny is here.


Talent=10,000 Hours + Luck

Combine endless toil with dumb luck and you've got talent.

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Revelations-Episode 17 (Season Finale)

Writer David Penn deals with the realization that he's the prophesized "Hollywood Jesus." Loose ends are tied, relationships are made, people are murdered and a mystery is unveiled -- all this and more on the SEASON FINALE of Break a Leg! Axis of Comedy | Post a Comment | Share Article

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Abigail's X-Rated Teen Diary - K-Fed Concert

Uncle Agaton, Abigail, K-Fed!

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"The Temp Life" Finds New Home at the Axis of Comedy

The Axis of Comedy managed to snag one of its other online comedy faves, "The Temp Life", becoming our tenth comedy web video series. This season, the show follows two miserable college graduates stuck in the temp life (ah, there it is!) at what could arguably be the worst temp job agency in the world. 

Watch the latest episode here on Axis of Comedy and if you must, watch it on your iPhone too


Let The Comedy Revolution Begin

Finally, no more troling through heaps of bad videos with the small hope of finding something remotely funny. You're here, that means everything is funny. 

We've searched and found the best of the very best online comedy out there and rounded up the greatest web series including the hipster chic "The Burg," critically acclaimed "Break a Leg," the no holds barred "The Patrice Oneal Show," newsdesk satire "Goodnight Burbank," super heroically humorous "Kyle Piccolo: Comic Shop Therapist," the uncomfortably confrontational "The Retributioners," the socially deconstructing "GoodieBag," as well as the bearded female manchild known as "Abigail's X-Rated Teen Diary." All for your personal humoristic enjoyment. 

Let the comedy revolution begin. Viva la funny!

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